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Chapter 1  Men in Funny Hats
Chapter 2  (Barb)Arians at the Gate
Chapter 3  Eddie and the Colonel
Chapter 4  Forging the Holy Roman Empire
Chapter 5  Bottom Feeders
Chapter 6  Never the Twain
Chapter 7  Hildebrand Recognition
Chapter 8  Urbanization of the Middle East
Chapter 9  The Indulgence Trick
Chapter 10  Breaking the Crusading Habit
Chapter 11  The I Word
Chapter 12  Taking French Lessons
Chapter 13  Les Papes
Chapter 14  Dici ‘Papato’; Je Dis ‘Papacy’.”
Chapter 15  The Pope is Back!
Chapter 16  The March of the Nephews
Chapter 17  The Medici Popes Find the Protestants Revolting
Chapter 18  What, Me Worry?
Chapter 19  Ignoring the War
Chapter 20  Viva La Regina!
Chapter 21  White Popes and Black
Chapter 22  Bonaparte's Captives
Chapter 23  Prisoners in the Vatican
Chapter 24  Sr. Mary Immaculata's Popes
 Appendix 1 “I am the Pope.” “Says Who?”
 Appendix 2 The Keys of the Kingdom: An analysis of Matthew 16: 18-19
 Appendix 3 Lexicon
 Appendix 4 Papal Threads, Papal Bling, Papal Rides